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Accounting Services

Balance Sheet Reconciliations

The accuracy of a business’s balance sheet is critical to its success. Knowing that you can rely on that information and the bookkeeping firm who prepared it, will put your mind at ease. Our team will work to verify the accuracy of the balance sheet by comparing the numbers on the general ledger to other forms of documentation. We will then provide a detailed report to help explain any discrepancies that may have been found.

Budgeting and Forcasting

We offer services for budgeting and forecasting. Our highly trained staff will work to prepare a comprehensive budget outlining the company’s anticipated revenue and expenses based on historical values. We can then use the data collected to create a forecast showing future expected revenue and expenses. This information will help to plan the financial direction the company should be heading in.

Cash Flow Planning

Having a well thought out cash flow plan ensures the company will have the capital needed to continue operating successfully. We can design a plan to track and manage the sources and uses of cash in order to ensure the company is able to pay business-related expenses as they occur. Good cash flow management is imperative to making sure your business runs smoothly.

Monthly Financial Reporting

Slate’s financial experts will prepare accurate monthly financial reports that allow you to instantly see your company’s overall financial health.

Financial Analysis & Reporting

Assisting in the interpretation of financial statements, generating reports, and offering insights into the financial health of the business.

Risk Mitigation Strategies

Identifying and mitigating financial risks through comprehensive analysis and proactive planning.